Friday, September 9, 2011

So many batteries!

Like most parents with kids, we have obtained every size and shape battery...some rechargeable and some not. We use to have them in a bucket in a drawer. I have discovered that a tackle box is the perfect size for a battery container! It is fully customized and only$5!
Rechargeable on the left, Alkaline on the right and a baggy for "dead" batteries to be recycled! I love even more that it can be latched and stored on its side!!


  1. Great idea!
    I used a tackle box for a box of snacks for the frig & for lots of salad toppings where I can just grab a handful of lettuce, open the tackle box and add my toppings without having to cut up stuff everytime or open lots of containers.

  2. Do you happen to know the brand name of your box? I REALLY want to do this with our batteries, but I can't seem to find a box that's deep enough to take the height of the batteries.

  3. I went to a sporting goods store. You can find a tackle box like this in the fishing department. Good luck!