Monday, September 26, 2011

Potty Training HELP!

Question to all you more experienced out there....

So, I think we are on the quick path with Katherine (23 months). She wanted to potty this morning before school. I put her on the big pot and we went through all the motions (she didn't pee). This afternoon, I bought 2 little pots for them. When we got home I put both kids on a pot...Kate PEE'D!!! and we celebrated (Nic just wanted to stand in his pot). An hour or so later, Kate said "Potty" again, so I put her on the pot and she went again!

Now she doesn't want to put her diaper back on. Question to all you more experienced out there...Is she ready for big girl panties? Am I jumping the gun? School is 100% ready to put her in the potty training class, if she is ready...I am afraid of jumping the gun and having pee EVERYWHERE.

What are your experiences?

Anxiety #2: If Kate goes to the Potty Training 2 Year Old Room...Nic has to stay behind until he is ready to start training :(...twin moms out there, tell me I'm crazy and that they can be apart!!!

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