Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Book Nook

I'm so excited to start transitioning the kids' room from a nursery to a big kid's room! First step is to design their reading book nook. I just ordered some vinyl words for the wall, "Super Heroes and Fairy Tales". Check out this site for some great prices and ideas

The kids have a big bookshelf that contains all of their books, but I am looking for something small that can hang on the wall to hold a few of them.

I'm moved their Pink and Blue chairs that are currently in the living room to the new "Book Nook". I might start looking for bean bag chairs, but I want to get the nook set up with things I have in the house first.

Eventually, I want to put a small table and lamp between the chairs (when they get a little older) and maybe "tent" the reading nook...again, when they get a little older.

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