Thursday, April 25, 2013

Super hero time

Well, Kate has so many princess dresses that Nic needed more costumes than just Prince Charming.
I am working on over sized T-shirts to complete the super hero look, 
but the masks will do just fine till then!
(Batman, Wolverine, Spiderman, Thor, Captain America...and coming soon Iron Man)
To get the patterns please check out the link below.

Things Kids Say

I have decided to start a new post string about funny things that the twins say.

It is unseasonably cold this spring in Houston. It is 60 degrees this morning and on our way to school:

Nic: Is it Christmas?
Me: No sweetheart. Why?
Nic: because it is soooo cold. Only Santa can be warm.

Ahh, my Texas kids make me smile.

Draw by numbers

As we always do after I get back from a work trip, went to Denny's before school. Before I knew it, Kate perfectly completed her draw by number activity, counting and identifying each number up to 30!
I guess we will be getting new activity books today.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Going Hippy - Part 1

Maybe I've been spending too much time in Cali; maybe I'm tired of all the chemicals in our lives; maybe I just want to try something new; it worked decades ago. What ever my root cause may be, I'm on a path to live with less unnecessary chemicals.

Today I am proud to post that I have quit washing my face with harsh soaps and drying agents. I took the "Oil Cleansing Method (OCM)" challenge and had instant and amazing results!

There is a link at the bottom of the page, but here is the theory and method in a nutshell.

Basic Chemistry Theory: water devolves water soluble molecules and oil devolves oil soluble molecules.

Skin Theory: dry skin looks old and moist skin looks young (ok this is my simplified version)

Our bodies are pieces of machinery made to perfection. We have oil glands and sweat glands for a reason (and its not just to make our lives miserable). So why are we always stripping all the oil off our face with harsh chemical and failing miserably? Because the oil is suppose to be there. Oil doesn't cause breakouts; it's over dried clogged pores that are the problem. The easiest, safest, natural way to remove oily dirt is with clean oil. So throw away all your face washes and harsh chemicals and try the OCM.

Try it for 2 weeks. I bet you will notice an amazing difference after only 5 days. Here's how:

Your Personal Oil Blend

The starting point for creating your own, personalized skin cleansing oil blend is knowing your general skin type. Those with dry skin will want less Castor Oil. Those with oily skin will want to blend in more. Finding your perfect combination of oils will probably take a little bit of trial and error, so start with very small batches. Once you know what your ratio of oils looks like, you'll be able to blend much more at a time for convenience.

Some suggestions in creating your blend of deep cleansing oil:

Oily Skin: Try a blend of 30% Castor Oil to 70% Sunflower Seed Oil.

Balanced Skin: Try a blend of 20% Castor Oil to 80% Sunflower Seed Oil.

Dry Skin: Try a blend of 10% Castor Oil to 90% Sunflower Seed Oil.

-cliff notes version-
Begin massaging the oil into your face. This will remove makeup, dirt, and other impurities, so there is no need to use a makeup remover or wash your face prior to the massage. I've found that this removes even my stubborn waterproof mascara and concealor.

Remove oil with HOT wrung out washcloth. (Read the link for more info). This is my favorite part!

It really is that easy.

Read it. Think about it. Try it.

I dare you!

I can honestly testify, those ugly stubborn black head and clogged pore bumps are now history! I'm never going back to soap.

The boys trip

Nicholas couldnt stop talking about the great time he had seeing Thomas the train and Sir Topum Hat, but he missed Katherine dearly.
Report from Dad, he made daddy set up Kate's bed with pink blanket and all. During meals he made daddy and grandma put extra good on his plate for Kate.
In the contrary, I asked Kate several times during the weekend if she missed Nicholas. She always said "No", even though she lit up and was so excited when he came home.
I missed Nic so much. We did have a lot of fun doing girls only stuff!

In the end, I honestly believe 1, 3 yr old is so much more work than 2, 3 yr olds. I'm so blessed to have such amazing kids that are truly each others best friend.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Sleeping Beauty

Don't forget to stop and smell the roses.
Maybe it is the dress or the angle of the pictures but my baby still looks like my little baby. Lately, when I take a second look at the kids I notice they are not babies anymore but big kids, they are big kids.
Oh how she loves all her new princess dresses. So much more comfortable than the store bought ones!


I made Lego people for the kids and I can't wait to show them.

Top (left to right)
Pirate, Prince Charming, Chef Nicholas

Bottom (left to right)
Rapunzel, super hero me, motorcycle dad

So excited!!!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013


The family went camping a few weeks ago.
All they wanted to do was play with all the caterpillars. We had so much fun.
Next time Nana and Papa are coming with us.

Date night -Kate

Kate and I had our first girls only weekend! The boys went to Dallas to see Thomas the Train with Grandma.
Meanwhile, Kate and I got a pedicure and all gussied up. I must say she us getting quite good at putting on eye shadow. She is going to surpass my skills soon!
Out for sushi we went....
She devoured an entire shrimp tempura and avocado roll, along with all the edamame.
We had so much fun! Oh and since Nic wasn't with us, she got to pay (because boys pay). I wrote in the tip but before they get to sign their name, they must add the tip to the bill.
I don't know who has more fun, me or them.
We can't wait to hear about the boy's trip.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Mr Prince Charming

Since Kate got all her princess dresses, Nic has been asking to be Prince Charming. It is going to take a week or so for me to complete the official look so I threw a temp costume together.
I must say, he is quite charming :)
I will be very busy next week.
Costumes on the list: Prince Charming, Green Lantern, Batman mask, and a few more.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Snow White

Snow White, don't eat that apple!
Katherine's dresses finally came in from 
Katherine was changing dresses faster than I could take pictures!

Saturday, April 6, 2013


We (yeah! Papa was here for the weekend) had so much fun with our first beach trip of the season.
Kate loved the water.
Nicholas was the talk of the beach in his aviators.
(He finally took off his jacket.)

 Nic and Katherine have wicked kite flying skills.
Is there anything they can't do? (proud mom)

 If the kids described the day:
Nic - "It was so cold I had to wear my jacket at the beach!"
Kate - "I couldn't wait to get in the water.  The weather was perfect!"
 Resting in the sun/shade

Click below for more pictures
Beach Apr 2013

Bluebonnet 2013

Finally we found some bluebonnets!
And...Kate is smiling for a picture.  
The day is a success.