Sunday, September 30, 2012


David bought Katherine a running skirt. Little girl clothes are too cute!

On another note, Halloween costumes are in. It is taking all my efforts not to spoil the surprise.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


The kids love it when D-Dad and MiMi visit.
Thank you D-Dad for being the best D-Dad ever!
Okay, so bringing home ice cream every time doesn't hurt either.


I took the kids to the Plano Balloon Festival.  When I told Nic we were going to see balloons, he asked if there would be cake there.  Smarty pants associates balloons with birthday cake.
 Met up with the cousins.

 They had a great time pointing out all the colors on the balloons.

Cowboy Time

The Cowboy's game was fantastic and even better from the club suites.
Yes, that's me on Texas Stadium field!
 The view from the good seats...good leather, fully cushioned seats.

 Yes, I brought my brother with me to the game.

 You could feel the amazing heat from the flames in our suite.

Bye Bye Shuttle

The space shuttle Endeavour flew over Houston for the last time.
The picture taken from my yard with a cell phone camera.
It was really that low and amazing!
How sad we are in H-town to see you go.

Fun but never again

MiMi, D-Dad and the crew went to Rainforest Cafe in the Galleria, error #1.
Parking was atrocious. 
Yes, I know it is a Landry's restaurant and I wasn't expecting 5 start dining, but wow.  
I have an all new level of terrible in my book.
Then there was the 1980s animatronics...can you say scary?

All in all, the kids had a great time when the frog stopped by the table.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fireman...whooo whooo whooo

Living near a fire station, the kids love fire trucks. 
I found this incredible fireman outfit (and a really cool Chef outfit)!  
Now Nic has something to wear instead of Kate's blue dress up clothes.

Best Friends

After a long day of playing, they still want to be with each other.  
Even fast asleep, these two are best friends.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


They LOVE working on their handwriting...
or maybe it is because it is the only time I will let them play with markers???
Reading, w(R)iting, next is a(R)ithmetic

Fun with MiMi and D-Dad

We always have so much fun when MiMi and D-Dad come to visit!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Nic is reading

Nic is phonetically reading!  His first read word - CUP

I'm so proud.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of Gymnastics

First Day of Gymnastics
 Waiting for class to start is the hardest part
 Kate: Guess I could stretch
 Yeah! Class started
Next time, Mom is getting video of all the kids trying to do jumping jacks.
It was so funny.

 Just hanging around.  Look at Katherine's technique.
Now, knees up!
Last but not least, a video.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Labor Day Part 2 - Scooters of Fun

Grandma bought the kids scooters!  Nicholas mastered it in minutes.  
Just look at his digs, attitude, and technique. 
He is a left footer...does that mean he will be a "goofy" foot snowboarder?

Kate is still working on the style....

Labor Day Weekend Part 1

What fun!  We spent the day with Uncle Michael and family.  First stop, the pool.
Katherine LOVED the slide.  
In Katherine style, she did it over and over and over straight into Dad's arms.
 It is hard to believe from this picture that Nic is not even 3!  
My little man is growing up too fast.
 The splash pad was perfect after lunch.

 And then they crashed.
 Our favorite season of the year has finally started, Football Season!
Cheering on the SEC.  We all had on our Football Gear.
 Isabella and the twins were inseparable. 

Click below for more pictures.....

It's a man's work

Nicholas got a new lawn mower.  Now he can help dad with yard work.
 Safety first.  He was so excited to wear his safety glasses just like dad.