Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kate Computing

It's trying to figure out how they changed the settings
that is the frustrating part. (yes, she has "nap" hair)

Hand Print Plates

We made hand print plates!

I like to do drawrrrings

She insists on ONLY pens/pencils and skinny crayons
because she MUST hold her pencil correctly and the "fat"
ones are for babies.

Stylish Shades

First PonyTails, now she loves sunglasses...
I'm going to have way too much fun this summer!

First PonyTail

It's a little hard to see, but she has enough hair for a top pony!
Let the "clip" obsession begin...

Time for Tea

How a man has tea...
And a lady...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weekend with Mimi and Granddad

David and I went to Seattle and the kids partied with
Mimi and Granddad!
Breakfast fun with Mimi
Kate in the morning...
Nic hasn't quite woken up yet and is having some
drinking issues...

Granddad reading
Mimi reading

Big People Table

Thank you Lorna! Now that the kids ditched their
highchairs, they just LOVE eating on their place mats.

Nana's big find

We were walking through Target and Nana found.....
a Stuffed Thomas!!!! Nicholas had a new favorite toy.
He doesn't let anyone (Katherine) touch it...and all Kate
cares about is its tag...but she is not allowed to go near it.

Nic and Nana

Nic and Nana playing before bed...

Nana Pants

Here is the pajama style we like to call "Nana Pants".
From the time they were little, Nana pulled their PJ pants
up as far as they would go!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thomas the Train Begins

Yeah for Thomas the Train!!! And the madness begins....

Working on Sharing

There are things they love to long as there are 2 of them.
But when there is only is always a toss up who will be the victor.

Nicholas for the Win!!!!!!!!

Random Fun

Running around, having fun.

Katherine reading to Nicholas
Tickle! Tickle! One of their favorite things to do.
Boy...we are worn out!

Monkey Around

If you scroll fast enough you can see her in action!
Fearless...that is what she is.

Queen Katherine.

I can "ear" you

I brought back Disneyland Ears for the kids.