Friday, July 31, 2015

Quick mid summer recap

The theme of this summer was SWIMMING!!

Here is a quick recap of the last month. 
Happy 4th of July parade. We were all so hot afterward that we all jumped into the pool with out clothes on. 
Nic held a python. 
More swimming 
We decided to dress up to pick Papa up. 
Kate is Zoe (dog) and Nic is batman. 
Papa's here!!
We say Fancy Nancy the musical. 
More swimming 
Nana and Papa swimming with us. 
A summer of selfies too...

And lots of love. 

Natural actors

The kids finished their first full stage production!! Nic was an evil vampire and Katherine was a good poison frog. 

Thank you Nana and Papa! We couldn't have had such a fun filled summer without you!!!  

We love you and can't wait til we get to Missouri.