Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My "New" Diet, Oh My!!!

My "New" Diet, Oh My!!! - 4/1/09

So, lets talk food, or maybe we shouldn't. I have a feeling (going on how bad last night went) that my "new" diet is not going to be sufficient for much longer. The past few weeks the only things that have been appetizing enough to eat :

Bread, cheese, fruit, nuts, milk (LOTS OF MILK), and cereal

This new "diet" my taste buds seem to be keen on is not working for my tummy :(. The thought of a piece of chicken sounds like someone is asking me to eat dirt!! I hope to find some compromise for my lack of protein..I get mostly "ill" in the evenings so my next goal is to try to get more protein during lunch. We shall see....

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