Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Inevitable

The Inevitable - 4/8/09

Well, I concurred or at least looked my fear in its face today. Yep, I got sick at work I almost didn't make it. Note to self, blueberries take a while to digest, but it was definitely better than the red Popsicle I had this weekend. Things they don't tell you about morning sickness - chew your food REALLY well. All the anxiety and now I am exhausted. I think I might sneak off to the first aid room for a 30-40 min nap.

I am now trying all morning sickness "cures". So far, the one that seems to work the best is sour stuff. The only problem is that when the sourness is gone, the nausea comes back. I had about 7-10 pieces of sour gum in my mouth last night. :) and I was going through sour jelly beans too!

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