Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Birthday Gift to Papa!

A Birthday Gift to Papa!

We had been trying for only 2 months when it happened! We found out on the Ides of March, my dad's birthday. Both David and I couldn't sleep Saturday night and Sunday 4am we both woke straight up. I had no idea that these tests change so quickly! I was expecting that it would need to "wait" 3-5 minutes like the instructions say, but nope! As soon as it defused its way through the window...there were 2 lines!! We were so excited it was so hard to go back to sleep and David wouldn't let me call my parents at 4:30 in the morning. I had no symptoms at all. I (of course) had read stories of women knowing the minute it happens...that was not me. No symptoms, no cramps, nothing.

Finally I get to sleep and wake up around 8:30. Time to call my parents! What a great birthday present for my dad. They of course are thrilled. We then proceed to call my brother and David's family.

Tomorrow, I get to call the Dr.

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