Monday, June 24, 2013

Inside My Summer Bag

Summer has started and it is time to pack the all purpose Summer Bag.  
Here is what is inside mine:
My bag and a waterproof / sandproof blanket.  
The angle is wrong, the blanket easily fits inside the bag.
 All of this (plus more: listed below) is in the Summer Bag.
Small clutch purse to only carry money and ID
Cover Up / dress to go out to eat in
Touch-up make up bag:
-tinted moisurizer/sunscreen
- concealer
- pressed powder and brush
- chapstick with sunscreen
- swimmers ear
- large tooth comb
- water proof mascara (to stay put after the kids splash)
 - Leave in conditioner / detangler
- Neutrogena Sunscreen
- Off Bug Spray
- Antibacterial wetwipes
- Purel that can hook on the bag for easy access
- First Aid Kit : lots of bandaids (the fabric kind that doesn't come off in is amazing how easily pruney toes get cut up while swimming), scissors, tweezers, eye drops
Things not shown:
- kid goggles
- sunglasses for the family (many pair live in every car)
- kid water shoes
With everything in its case, it is amazing how compact it all becomes.
 Just add towels and snacks and you are on your way for a great trip!!!

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