Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sequins and Airport Security

 I spent the better half of this week in Nashville.  It was my first time there and I dressed the part and had an absolute BLAST!!  

Out of all the dozens and dozens of times I have flown, this never occurred to me until it happened...

***Don't wear a sequin covered shirt (especially under a sweater) to the airport. ***

It started off like any other travel day.  I got up, went to grab some breakfast with some customers and off I went to the airport.  I get there REALLY early (Note to all: Nashville is a very small airport), so I mosey to the security line, unload my computer, take off my belt/shoes, and take out my liquids.  I did however forget my sunglasses were on top of my head.  My things are already through the belt scanner and the security guy said it would not be a problem to wear my sunglasses though the body scanner...I'm thinking "we have to take gum wrappers out of our pockets but I can wear my sunglasses on my head?"

So I go through the scanner, step out and wait to see my picture, and this is what I see...

Immediately, the security guard says, "You need to wait here for just a second."  I quickly realize that it my sequin covered shirt I have under my sweater.  I try to explain this by showing them...Bad idea!!!  I quickly got scolded and told to, "Stay put, don't move and keep your hands by your side."

I should be laughing at this point but I just couldn't help myself!  I was worried about my sunglasses and it was my shirt that set off the alarms.  So they proceed to ask me if I would like a private room for my pat down.  Mean while, I'm still laughing and decide to venture to the transparent cube for my airport pat down.

Needless to say,  I passes the physical part.  

So what did we learn?  Don't wear sequins to the airport.  I'm sure if I were the security guard, I too would have been shocked to someone come up covered in yellow boxes on the scanner, especially in Nashville.

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