Friday, April 23, 2010

Bath time poop

Ok, So I know you probably don't want to know this but it must be documented. We had our first bathtub poop! Oh yes, and it was David who was bathing Katherine when it happened. HAHA :)...sorry no pictures *tehe*

I did forget to mention how well David handled the situation. Before I knew it the tub was clean and Katherine was back in the bath with fresh water. Way to go Dad!

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  1. Oh, that is great. And since you are still breastfeeding, I'm sure it was really bad! Paige had her first one just a few weeks ago, so about 18 months, James was bathing her (yea!), but we can tell moments before it starts and she hadn't gone all day. He was able to get toilet paper and catch it before it hit the bath water, she was standing up. Way to go!